Corporate information

ROC Midden Nederland (Central Netherlands Regional Education and Training Centre) is the largest college in the Central Netherlands, with 24.000 students and more than 1.800 staff. The make-up of the student population, representing over 140 different national backgrounds across all ages, reflects the rich diversity of Dutch society.

The twelve colleges of ROC Midden Nederland

Our courses are held at 20 locations in the region around the cities of Amersfoort and Utrecht, the fourth-largest city in the Netherlands.
In total, we offer 350 different vocational courses at ROC Midden Nederland, subdivided by twelve different colleges:

Development of individual talents

The development of individual talents is our prime concern, and all students can rely on intensive personal guidance. We aim to offer our students concrete future prospects by helping them gain both theoretical qualifications and practical preparation for their role in society. 

We also provide...

Next to education of young people, we also provide Adult education and training for businesses. Adult education at ROC Midden Nederland includes part-time vocational training, pre-vocational training, courses including literacy, computer skills and English, reintegration programmes, civic integration and Dutch as a second language.

Also we aspire to offer businesses and other organisations personnel whose training is up-to-date, specific and future-proof, so making a contribution to meeting the challenges facing our partners in the future. Therefore ROC Midden Nederland provides education and training for businesses. Every course is customised to the company’s requirements and fine-tuned to meet the demands of the relevant business sector and of the company itself.

Thinking global

At ROC Midden Nederland we don’t confine our view to the Netherlands, we also set our sights internationally. Many students go on work placements in foreign countries, and our lecturers have a wide international network. Furthermore, ROC Midden Nederland is involved in several international projects, often together with international partners.

More information

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